All are welcome to the DFNY monthly meetings. The Dickens Fellowship of New York "welcomes new members from all walks of life and at all levels of interest in the writings and philosophies of Charles Dickens."

DFNY meetings are being held via Zoom from 1-4PM. All are welcome! For the link to connect to our Zoom meetings contact

We invite you to read and discuss our current title, Martin Chuzzlewit, by Charles Dickens. (An additional recommendation for reading at this time is American Notes by Charles Dickens.) 

The format of our Zoom and in-person meetings is as follows:

The meeting begins promptly at 1PM with a welcoming and a few announcements. The meeting is then turned over to Mark Halperin,

our Honorable Vice-President and Discussion Moderator. Each chapter scheduled for a particular meeting is then presented by a different member of the Fellowship followed by questions for discussion. Members volunteer to give their excellent presentations and the DFNY is most grateful for their professionalism and willingness. There is a 10 minute comfort break midway through the presentations. Upon conclusion of the discussion, the meeting is  closed.

READING SCHEDULE for Martin Chuzzlewit  (The dates and venue for 2023-2024 given below are tentative and will be updated as needed. All meetings are conducted from 1-4PM.)



April 15                      Member Luncheon 

                                 Martin Chuzzlewit

May  20                      Chapters    1-6       Zoom

June 17                      Chapters    7-10     Zoom

July 15                       Chapters    11-14    Zoom      

August 19                   Chapters     15-19   Zoom  

September 16             CANCELLED

October 14                 Chapters     20-24   Zoom  

November 18              Chapters     25-30   Zoom         

December 2                Holiday Gathering In-person          


​                                  Martin Chuzzlewit

January 20                  Chapters     31-36    Zoom     

February 17                 Chapters    37-42     Zoom

March 16                     Chapters    43-48     Zoom          

​April 20                       Chapters    49-54     Zoom  

​                                  NEW NOVEL BEGINS (TBA)

May 18                         

June 15

July 20

August 17

September 21

October 19

November 16

December 7               Holiday Party     TBA

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