Please note the change in beginning time for the Saturday, July 10 Meeting only. DFNY Meeting willl begin at 12PM and go until 3PM.

All are welcome to the DFNY monthly meetings which are usually held at the Epiphany Library, 228 E. 23rd St., 1-4 PM. However, all branches of the  New York Public Library are to remain closed for the safety and well-being of everyone during the  COVID-19 emergency.  

DFNY meetings are now being held via ZOOM from 1-4PM. For instructions on how to connect to our ZOOM meetings contact Lorraine at

We Invite You to Read and Discuss Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

READING SCHEDULE for Barnaby Rudge  (The dates and venue given below are tentative and will be updated as needed. All meetings are conducted from


April  10                     Chapters 1-8     ZOOM
May  15                      Chapters 9-17    ZOOM
June  5                      Chapters 18-27  ZOOM

Our DFNY June (5) meeting, which traditionally would have been held at a restaurant , will be another Special Zoom Meeting - "The Life of Dickens" Gathering.

(Discussion of Barnaby Rudge Chapters 18-27 will be pushed to the July 10 meeting.)

 Sylvia Marks will be our guest speaker and her talk," Little People and Little Things Matter in David Copperfield and Barnaby Rudge," will be followed by a brief Q & A.

 Dennis Vellucci will then propose a toast to Charles Dickens and all participants are asked to come with a favorite beverage in hand to join Dennis in the toast.

 Following our speaker, question and answer period, and our toast commemorating the passing of Charles Dickens on June 9, 1870, we will have a membership sharing of "The Life of Charles Dickens". We are asking members to participate, as we did for the Holiday Gathering last December. However, since we are commemorating the life of Dickens we are asking members to share factual anecdotes about Dickens' life that you have read or heard or will research,  that you think may be of interest to our Fellowship. It can be long, short, happy, sad - but we need members to step up! Please look over past notes or do some research and be ready to share some facts about the life of Charles Dickens!

Attendees who are planning to participate in the "exchange" please email Mark Halperin directly at We need only know that you will participate, so that we can plan accordingly. (If you know your topic, by all means, share that with Mark also.)  

We are looking forward to an interesting, social afternoon! We hope you will all plan to join us! All are invited!

July  10                      Chapters 18-27  ZOOM* Meeting will begin at 12PM

                                  and go until 3PM

August  14                  Chapters 28-37  ZOOM
September  18            Chapters 38-47 ZOOM
October  16                Chapters 48-56  ZOOM
November 13              Chapters 57-65 ZOOM
December  11             Chapters 66-74 (End)  ZOOM


January 8                    Chapters 75-82 (END) TBA
February 5 *                TBA
​March 12                     TBA

*New book to begin tentatively at February, 2022 Meeting. If so, new book title and reading schedule TBA in January, 2022.

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