Welcome to our monthly meetings for 113 years and going strong:

Meetings are held at Epiphany Library, 228 E. 23rd St., 1-4 p.m.
(Always check our monthly meeting reminders for possible change in venue.)
We Invite You to Read and Discuss The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens    
READING SCHEDULE for The Pickwick Papers   
2018/2019 Reading Schedule for The Pickwick Papers
(Note that the chapter numbers are those used in the Penguin Classics Edition (2003). The chapter following chapter 28 is chapter 28(ii), but other editions may refer to this chapter as chapter 29)

January  20               Chapters 1-6
February  10             Social Event at a Restaurant
March  10                  Chapters 7-11
April  14                    Chapters 12-17
May  5                        Chapters 18-23
June  9                       Social Event at a Restaurant
July  14                      Chapters: 24-28[ii]
August  11                 Chapters 29-33
September  8            Chapters 34-39
October  13                Chapters 40-45
November  3             Chapters 46-50
December  8             Annual Holiday Party on Upper East Side
January 2019           Chapters 51-56 THE END!!!​

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